In a very short time many customers were convinced of the quality of software development in our company. With the latest technology, we have provided them fast and functional software which meets their specific business needs.

Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia

Customs Administration portal developed on Microsoft SharePoint 2007 platform. Organized as a CMS, it provides users with great possibilities and comfort in the work.

Some of the main characteristics of this solution are:

  • Multilingualism - Serbian language, Latin and Cyrillic scripts, with automatic translation of content into English language
  • Mechanism of controlled publishing of the content with user-defined workflow
  • Advanced search through the pages and documents contents

The future development of the portal will include a variety of services for business customers. Access to the protected part of the portal will be allowed only with the appropriate certificates and smart cards.

Technology SharePoint 2007, C# .NET 3.5, ASP .NET 3.5, SQL Server 2008

Application for subsequent control and revision allows users to quickly and easily search a large amount of data and to select the companies which shall be subject to subsequent control. Data search is performed in respect of the data imported from the system of customs declarations. Revisers have the option of maintaining work orders, collecting documents and recording the activities they work on. Also they can add documents stored on a central system thus providing a central insight into the revision of all regional centers in Serbia.

Technology C# .NET 3.5, ASP .NET 3.5, WebServices, SQL Server 2005

Improvement of the application for electronic submission of declarations. This application developed within the Customs Administration has been redesigned and now includes a significantly higher level of security. We worked on improving the server and the client part of application. The new Web Service performs the authentication and user authorization using smart cards and qualified certificates. The client application uses a smart card to connect to the web service and sign a document to be sent.

Technology C# .NET 3.5, ASP .NET 3.5, WebServices, SQL Server 2005

Telekom Srbija


Applications to enter the engagement of employees. Developed on the SharePoint platform, it allows the employees to enter the engagement, and it provides the supervisors with the mechanism to monitor the activities of their subordinate employees. Workflow to approve the entered engagements was also implemented. The supervisor can approve or cancel the engagement of a subordinate employee. The system notifies employees via e-mail that the superior cancelled the entered engagement and allows the same to enter the appropriate corrections. The system sends warning e-mails to employees who failed to enter a sufficient number of hours of engagement during the previous week. Also, the supervisor receives a notification e-mail with a list of subordinate employees who failed to meet the norm for the previous week. A special part of the application is intended for management reporting.

Technology SharePoint, Microsoft Office 2007, ASP .NET 3.5, WebServices, SQL Server 2008



Wood Intelligence Database is a system for analyzing and monitoring products, markets, prices and sales units. It is based on the SharePoint technology. It gives users the ability to administer and monitor a variety of data relevant for the sale of parquet. It allows a comparative product review and analysis of the same.

Technology SharePoint Services 3.0, ASP .NET 3.5, WebServices, SQL Server 2005

Tarkett SEE portal portal has been developed for the needs of Tarkett Group. This portal is a combination of the CMS system and specific modules related to the Tarkett product range. The system provides users with a complete administration of the public part of the site, content publishing management, management of registered users, etc. It is characterized by the possibility of simple adding of new languages on the portal.

Technology C# .NET 3.5, ASP .NET 3.5, SQL Server 2008



System for budget planning and forecast. Developed on the SharePoint platform, this system allows users to enter the plans through the Excel documents, and to consolidate such plans. A custom workflow for data planning and monitoring has been developed as well.

Portfolio and pipeline system. Developed on the SharePoint platform, it allows users to enter and monitor products in the portfolio and pipeline. A custom workflow for products adding and excluding has been developed as well. It monitors the entire lifecycle of Hemofarm products from the idea of entering to possible exclusion. It allows the review of historical data for all products. The integration with Microsoft Office package allows users to work in an environment in they are accustomed to.

Technology SharePoint, Microsoft Office 2007, ASP .NET 3.5, WebServices, SQL Server 2008

Dunav Osiguranje


Application to sell insurance in banks banks is a web application allowing the access to the partners of Dunav Osiguranje which have signed contracts on the sale of their insurance policies. Currently supported lines of insurance are property insurance and travel health insurance, and life insurance is planned as well. Users access the web application and authenticate themselves through Windows account that they have been opened in the company Dunav. The application uses Dunav's web services for the calculation of tariffs and downloading the code lists.

Technology ASP .NET 3.5, AJAX, WebServices, SQL Server 2005



Application for mobile warehouse business. Allows users to inventory, receive, issue and return goods using handheld terminals with barcode scanner. Thus it is possible to easily and quickly create documents derived from this business process. A wireless network enables real-time work. The system is connected to a central system in the company.

Technology Wi-Fi, Windows CE, ASP .NET 3.5, WebServices, SQL Server 2005

Republic Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments


Application that enables issuance of resolutions to export items (cultural goods) abroad. Allows users to enter and search the items and resolutions as well as to find the resolutions for the required items. Allows multiple users work. Enables defining the rights and roles of users and an insight into the actions undertaken by users within the system.

Technology C# .NET 3.5, WebServices, SQL Express 2005

Museum of Science and Technology


Touchscreen presentation of the Museum of Science and Technology. The presentation is primarily intended for visitors to the Museum of Science and Technology who are provided with a simple and intuitive way of perceiving general information about the museum and a possibility to get acquainted with the collections in the museum exhibition. The presentation was first shown at the opening of the manifestation Museum Night 2010.

Technology C# .NET 3.5, WPF



The system for warehouse business and invoicing. Allows recording entry and exit of goods, monitoring of stock, inventory. Invoicing and reporting on a daily and periodical basis. Keeping records of collection and liabilities of the firm. Enables defining the rights and roles of users and an insight into the actions undertaken by users within the system.

Technology C# .NET 3.5, WebServices, SQL Express 2005




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